Semester III

Course CodeSubject
3EC1AElectronic Devices & Circuits
3EC2AData Structures & Algorithms
3EC3ADigital Electronics
3EC4ACircuit Analysis & Synthesis
3EC5AElectromagnetic Properties Of Materials
3EC6AAdvanced Engineering Mathematics-I
3EC7AElectronic Instrumentation Workshop
3EC8AComputer Programming Lab-I
3EC9AElectronic Device Lab
3EC10A Digital Electronics Lab
3EC11ABusiness Entrepreneurship
3ECDCADiscipline & Extra Curricular Activity

Semester IV

Course CodeSubject
4EC1AAnalog Electronics
4EC2ARandom Variables & Stochastic Processes
4EC3AElectronic Measurement & Instrumentation
4EC4AElectromagnetic Field Theory
4EC5AOptimization Techniques
4EC6AAdvanced Engineering Mathematics-II
4EC7AComputer Programming Lab-II
4EC8AAnalog Electronics Lab
4EC9AMeasurement & Instrumentation Lab
4EC10AHumanities & Social Sciences
4ECDCADiscipline & Extra Curricular Activity

Semester V

Course CodeSubject
5EC1ASignals & Systems
5EC2ALinear Integrated Circuits
5EC3A Telecommunication Engineering
5EC4AAnalog Communication
5EC5A Microwave Engineering -I
5EC6AElective (any one of the following)
5EC6.1ABiomedical Instrumentation
5EC6.2AAdvanced Data Structures
5EC6.3A Computer Oriented Numerical & Statistical Methods
5EC7AElectronic Engineering Design Lab
5EC8A Microwave Engineering Lab
5EC9ACommunication Lab-I
5EC10A Signal Processing Lab
5EC11A Professional Ethics and Disaster Management
5ECDCA Discipline & Extra Curricular Activity

Semester VI

Course CodeSubject
6EC1A Microwave Engineering -II
6EC3AIndustrial Electronics
6EC4ADigital Communication
6EC5AControl Systems
6EC6AElective (any one of the following)
6EC6.1ANeural Networks
6EC6.2AParallel Computation & Architecture
6EC6.3AOptical Fiber Communication
6EC7ACommunication Lab-II
6EC8AMicroprocessor Lab
6EC9ARF Simulation Lab
6EC10A Industrial Electronics Lab
6EC11A Personality Development & General Aptitude
6ECDCA Discipline & Extra Curricular Activity

Semester VII

Course CodeSubject
7EC1AAntenna & Wave Propagation
7EE2A Digital Signal Processing
7EC3ADigital Image Processing
7EC4AWireless Communication
7EC5AVLSI Design
7EC6A Elective (any one of the following)
7EC6.1AAdvanced Microprocessors
7EC6.2A Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
7EC7ASignal & Image Processing Lab
7EC8AWireless Communication Lab
7EC9A Practical Training & Industrial Visit
7EC10A Project-I
7ECDCA Discipline & Extra Curricular Activity

Semester VII

Course CodeSubject
8EC1AIC Technology
8EC2ARadar & TV Engineering
8EC3AMEMS and Nanotechnology
8EC4.1AComputer Networks
8EC4.2AOperating Systems
8EC4.3A Microcontroller and Embedded Systems
8EC5ARF Fabrication Lab
8EC6AIndustrial Economics & Management.
8EC7AVLSI & Optical Fiber Lab
8EC8AProject -II
8EC9A Seminar
8ECDCA Discipline & Extra Curricular Activity

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