1Electronic Instrumentation WorkshopStudy of various types of components like: Resistances, Capacitors, diode's, transistor, LED, LDR and Design & fabrication of PCB, working of DVD,LCD, LED, experiment on CRO
2Electronic Device Lab Study of Analog & digital Multimeters, Function generators, Analog CRO, Plotting of V-I characteristic of P-N junction diode, zener diode, field effect transistor , RC coupled amplifier, BJT Application of Diode as clipper & clamper
3Digital Electronics LabStudy of basic logic gates, various multiplexers, demultiplexers, R-S, J-K and D-flip flops, counters and registers.
4Analog Electronics LabDesigning of high-pass and low-pass filters.Study of voltage regulators, FET, push pull amplifiers, various oscillators like Wein bridge, phase shift, Hartley and Colpitts.
5Measurement & Instrumentation LabStudy of various measuring instruments is being done in this lab.like strain,pressure measuring instruments, Q-meter. Measuring displacement by LVDT, transmitter & receiver.
6Electronic Engineering Design Lab Designing of various filters using Op-Amp 741 like: LPF,HPF, Band Pass, and Band reject.;oscillators like: Hartley and Colpitts; designing of generator using timer 555 like: Triangular & square wave.
7Microwave Engineering LabSMeasuring of various parameter using a X-band slotted line setup.SWR, VSWR using Smith chart.use coupler , Magic-Tee etc.
8Communication Lab – I Study of various modulation techniques like AM,FM,PM,PAM,PPM,PWM etc.
9Signal Processing LabSimulation is done in MATLAB environment to generate various discrete and continuous signals.
10Communication Lab – IISignals are generated and simulated using virtual Instrumentation Software by various keying Techniques: PSK, ASK, FSK & MSK, PSK, OQPSK, DQPSK.
11Microprocessor LabVarious programs are designed based on 8085 assembly language and waves are generated using pin of 8255,8259, 8250 etc chip's.
12RF Simulation Lab Using CST software we simulate: coupler, dividers, microstrip & Coplanar lines, filters, amplifier, Fr. Doublers.
13Industrial Electronics LabWWaveforms are obtained from DSP/ FPGA Platform for SCR, UJT, PWM, converter. Use of kits of dc motor, triggering circuits.
14Signal And Image Processing LabUsing MATLAB Gray/ Colour images, RGB/HSI conversions are displayed along with design and simulation of FIR,IIR digital filter .
15Wireless Communication Lab Measurements of various parameters using different antenna, Radar Trainer, GPS satellite.
16 RF Fabrication Lab Fabrication of coupler, microstrip & Coplanar lines, filters, dividers in this lab using CST Software.
17 VLSI Design & Optical Fiber Lab Design and simulation of VLSI circuits using EDA Tools (Software)& perform experiments based on Fiber Optic Trainer using XYLINK Software.

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