1Electrical Circuits LaboratoryThe Electrical Circuits Laboratory is designed to provide the student with the knowledge to use basic measuring instruments and techniques with proficiency. These techniques are designed to complement the concepts introduced in Electrical Circuits.
2Electrical Machines Laboratory The Electrical Machines Laboratory is designed to provide in-depth knowledge related to the problems of electromagnetic and electromechanical energy transformations in rotary electrical machines.
3Electrical Measurement Laboratory The Electrical Measurement Laboratory is designed to measure electrical quantities; investigate the properties of electrical meters, Bridges, power supplies etc.
4Electrical Drives and Control LaboratoryThe Electrical Drives and Control Laboratory is designed to give the idea and basic practical knowledge of Different controls of running of Electric Machinery.
5Power System LabThe power system laboratory is responsible for teaching and researching the area of electric power systems. Students can get concrete ideas about the different system operations and phenomena with application of advanced simulation tools.S
6Power Electronics LaboratoryThe Power Electronics Laboratory is designed to show behavior of various Power Electronics component say SCR, Chopper, Power BJT, Power MOSFET, Converters, Inverters etc.
7Control Systems Laboratory The Control Systems Laboratory is designed to explain the functionality by way of simulation of Open loop, Closed Loop, Error, Feedback and other relevant Electrical and Electronic circuitry devices.
8CBPSD Lab:In computer based power system design lab student simulate the Power System Design Problems of various Power Applications in computer with the help of MATLAB and find out its solution.
9>High Voltage Engineering LabThe High Voltage Engineering Lab is designed to meet the research and evaluation/testing needs of industry and utilities, to evaluate the dielectric properties, insulating properties of materials used in various electrical applications.
10SeminarFrom emerging areas of Electric field, Power Systems, Power Plants, Transmission Lines, Distribution Systems, New Technologies and other applications. Every student selects the topic & present seminar PPT in audience of complete class to the seminar in charge.
11Project LabBased on minor Project carried out by students in VII semester student continue to develop their project, Guide and Project in Charge evaluate, in the end student submit the project report and give presentation to their Project in charge.

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