1Engineering Geology LabEngineering Geology deals with the application of geologic sciences to engineering practice for the purpose of assuring that the geologic factors affecting the location, design, construction, operation and maintenance of civil engineering structures.Engineering geologists investigate and provide recommendations on the character of the geology of the area for engineering analysis and design.
2Fluid Mechanics LabFluid Mechanics lab is related to fluid properties. In this lab, students study about the fluid motion, fluid properties, behavior in motion and steady condition, head loss during flow, etc.
3Building Planning & Design LabIn this lab, students study how to design the building structures on drawing sheet. This lab will useful for the students for design and planning purpose. With this lab, student will come to know about the Development of Front Elevation and Sectional Elevation from a given plan.
4Material Testing LabMaterial Testing Lab is very important for the students as it provides the full knowledge about the Tensile Strength of materials, Compressive Strength of materials, Rupture of Wooden Beam, etc. With this lab students will come to know about the hardness of material, strength of material, cracking of material, etc.
5Concrete LabIn this lab, students study about standard (Normal) consistency of cement, Initial & Final setting time of cement, Compressive Strength of Cement, workability of concrete mix, workability of fresh concrete mix, etc.
6Hydraulic LabIn this lab, students study about the performance of various hydraulic machines like hydraulic jump, Pelton Wheel, Centrifugal Pump, etc.
7Surveying LabSurveying Lab is very important for the students as it provides the full knowledge about the Ranging and Fixing of Survey Stations, Measurement and adjustment of included angles, horizontal and vertical distance of site plans, etc.
8Design of Concrete Structures In this lab, students study about the Design Philosophies, Analysis and Design of prismatic Sections, Design of Columns, Isolated and combined column footings and circular raft foundations, etc.
9Design of Steel StructuresSurveying Lab is very important for the students as it provides the full knowledge about the Types of steels, Design of riveted connections, Design of beams, Design of column bases, Plastic analysis of steel structures, bending of beams, etc.
10Structural Engineering LabIn this lab, students study about the Deflection of a truss, Analysis of frames, buckling of columns, etc
11Engineering Economics & ManagementWith this lab, student will come to know about the Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Project Evaluation, Principles of management, functions ‐ planning, etc.
12Environmental Engineering Design & Lab In this lab, students study about the conductivity & hardness of the given water sample, various atmospheric conditions, various water supply Fittings, various Sanitary Fittings, etc.
13Water Resources Engineering Design LabWith this lab, students will come to know about the irrigation system, consumptive use of water, water harvesting and conservation, Canal Irrigation, Water Distribution System, Hydraulics of Alluvial Rivers , Well Irrigation, Hydrology, etc.
14Design of FoundationsTesting Lab is very important for the students as it provides knowledge about design of foundations like pile, wells and cessions, machine foundation, retaining structures including process, etc.
15Civil Engineering Lab Basic material testing laboratory introduces to the students, the testing procedure of materials used in the civil engineering discipline like - cement, aggregate, concrete, steel timber, bricks and tile. The need for compliance with current standards and specifications for materials is also stressed in the course le etc
16 Auto CAD Lab In CAD Lab two software's are available namely Auto CAD Education Suite (which comprises of eleven software's) used for various applications like Drafting, Modeling, Quantity estimation …etc and NISA Civil software for Analysis and Designing. Laboratory also comprises of forty computer systems with latest configuration.
17 Geotechnical Lab In many engineering problems such as design of foundation, retaining walls, slabs, bridges, piles, sheet piling- the value of the internal friction, cohesion of the soil, particle size are required for the evaluation of the strength and deformation characteristic as well as permeability characteristics of the soil media.
18 Road Materials Testing Lab Highway materials comprise of Soil (Sub grade & embankment), aggregate (Course & fire), binders, bitumen, & Cement, to design the pavement desirable properties at aggregate like durability, shape, adhesion of bitumen are required.

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