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Semester III
Course Code Subject
3CE1A Strength of Materials-I
3CE2A Civil Engineering Materials
3CE3A Engineering Geology
3CE4A Construction Technology
3CE5A Fluid Mechanics
3CE6A Advanced Engineering Mathematics
3CE7A Civil Engineering Materials Lab
3CE8A Engineering Geology Lab
3CE9A Building Drawing-I
3CE10A Fluid Mechanics Lab
3CE11A Professional Ethics & Disaster Management
3CEDC Discipline & Extra Curricular Activity
Semester IV
Course Code Subject
4CE1A Strength of Materials-II
4CE2A Concrete Technology
4CE3A Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines
4CE4A Surveying-I
4CE5A Building Planning
4CE6A Quantity Surveying & Valuation
4CE7A Concrete Technology Lab
4CE8A Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines Lab
4CE9A Surveying Lab-I
4CE10A Building Drawing-II
4CE11A Material Testing Lab
4CEDC Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities
Semester V
Course Code Subject
5CE1A Theory of Structures-I
5CE2A Environmental Engineering-I
5CE3A Geotechnical Engineering-I
5CE4A Surveying-II
5CE5A Building Design
5CE6.1A Ground Improvement Techniques
5CE6.2A Advanced Concrete Technology
5CE6.3A Solid Waste Management
5CE7A Environmental Engineering Lab-I
5CE8A Geotechnical Engineering Lab-I
5CE9A Surveying Lab-II
5CE10A Computer Aided Building Design
5CE11A Structural Engineering Lab
5CEDC Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities
Semester VI
Course Code Subject
6CE1A Theory of Structures-II
6CE2A Environmental Engineering-II
6CE3A Geotechnical Engineering-II
6CE4A Design of Concrete Structures-I
6CE5A Transportation Engineering-I
6CE6.1A Remote Sensing & GIS
6CE6.2A Rock Mechanics
6CE6.3A Repair & Rehablitation of Structures
6CE7A Geotechnical Engineering Lab-II
6CE8A Environmental Engineering Lab-II
6CE9A Concrete Structures Design-I
6CE10A Road Material Testing Lab
6CEDC Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities
Semester VII
Course Code Subject
7CE1A Water Resource Engineering-I
7CE2A Design of Steel Structures-I
7CE3A Design of Concrete Structures-II
7CE4A Transportation Engineering-I
7CE5A Application of Numerical Methods in Civil Engineerinng
7CE6.1A Advance Transportation Engineering
7CE6.2A Design of Prestress Concrete Structures
7CE6.3A Rural Water Supply & Sanitation
7CE7A Design of Water Resource Structures-I
7CE8A Steel Structures Design-I
7CE9A Concrete Structures Design-II
7CE10A Application of Numerical Methods in Civil Engineerinng Lab
7CETR Practical Training & Industrial Visit
7CEPR Project-I
7CEDC Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities
Semester VIII
Course Code Subject
8CE1A Water Resource Engineering-II
8CE2A Design of Steel Structures-II
8CE3A Project Planning & Construction Management
8CE4.1A Bridge Engineering
8CE4.2A Advance Foundation Engineering
8CE4.3A Earthquake Resistant Construction & Design
8CE5A Design of Water Resource Structures-II
8CE6A Professional Practice & Estimating
8CE7A Steel Structures Design-II
8CE8A Design of Foundations
8CE9A Structural Analysis by Matrix MethodsI
8CESM Seminar
8CEPR Project-II
8CEDC Discipline & Extra Curricular Activities