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S.No. Lab Description
1 Electronic Instrumentation Workshop Study of various types of components like: Resistances, Capacitors, diode's, transistor, LED, LDR and Design & fabrication of PCB, working of DVD,LCD, LED, experiment on CRO
2 Electronic Device Lab Study of Analog & digital Multimeters, Function generators, Analog CRO, Plotting of V-I characteristic of P-N junction diode, zener diode, field effect transistor , RC coupled amplifier, BJT Application of Diode as clipper & clamper
3 Digital Electronics Lab Study of basic logic gates, various multiplexers, demultiplexers, R-S, J-K and D-flip flops, counters and registers.
4 Analog Electronics Lab Designing of high-pass and low-pass filters.Study of voltage regulators, FET, push pull amplifiers, various oscillators like Wein bridge, phase shift, Hartley and Colpitts.
5 Measurement & Instrumentation Lab Study of various measuring instruments is being done in this strain,pressure measuring instruments, Q-meter. Measuring displacement by LVDT, transmitter & receiver.
6 Electronic Engineering Design Lab Designing of various filters using Op-Amp 741 like: LPF,HPF, Band Pass, and Band reject.;oscillators like: Hartley and Colpitts; designing of generator using timer 555 like: Triangular & square wave.
7 Microwave Engineering Lab SMeasuring of various parameter using a X-band slotted line setup.SWR, VSWR using Smith chart.use coupler , Magic-Tee etc.
8 Communication Lab – I Study of various modulation techniques like AM,FM,PM,PAM,PPM,PWM etc.
9 Signal Processing Lab Simulation is done in MATLAB environment to generate various discrete and continuous signals.
10 Communication Lab – II Signals are generated and simulated using virtual Instrumentation Software by various keying Techniques: PSK, ASK, FSK & MSK, PSK, OQPSK, DQPSK.
11 Microprocessor Lab Various programs are designed based on 8085 assembly language and waves are generated using pin of 8255,8259, 8250 etc chip's.
12 RF Simulation Lab Using CST software we simulate: coupler, dividers, microstrip & Coplanar lines, filters, amplifier, Fr. Doublers.
13 Industrial Electronics Lab WWaveforms are obtained from DSP/ FPGA Platform for SCR, UJT, PWM, converter.Use of kits of dc motor, triggering circuits.
14 Signal And Image Processing Lab Using MATLAB Gray/ Colour images, RGB/HSI conversions are displayed along with design and simulation of FIR,IIR digital filter .
15 Wireless Communication Lab Measurements of various parameters using different antenna, Radar Trainer, GPS satellite.
16 RF Fabrication Lab Fabrication of coupler, microstrip & Coplanar lines, filters, dividers in this lab using CST Software.
17 VLSI Design & Optical Fiber Lab Design and simulation of VLSI circuits using EDA Tools (Software)& perform experiments based on Fiber Optic Trainer using XYLINK Software.