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Department of Electronics and Communication organized a one day workshop on 'Mobile Control Robotics' on 4th February, 2015. The basic aim of the workshop was to develop student's basic ideas in robotics, improve their technical skills and practical knowledge. This workshop was for III year students of ECE department of RCEW.

Total of 90 students had taken part in this workshop. There was no entry fee for this workshop. Two members from the respective institute helped all the students in making 'mobile phone controlled robot' using many other hardware projects. Free electronic kits were provided to the group of students. Each team comprised of 4-6 students.

The 7 hours session comprised of 4 phases:

  1. The first phase included general introduction of electronics and its uses.
  2. The second phase started with designing of 'power supply'.
  3. Third phase included designing of basic structure of robot and its working was based on DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency). After this phase, students successfully operated the designed robot using mobile phone dial pad.
  4. The last or the fourth phase of the session was ended with a quiz. The knowledge of students was tested by a quiz and 4 students were selected as RCEW BRAND AMBASSADORS for TECHIENEST.

The names of those students are:

  • Aaisha Rathore
  • Neha Huda
  • Surabhi Gupta
  • Tanisha Priya

The students developed their knowledge of:

  • Innovation
  • Basic electronics
  • How much constructive and useful electronics can be to the society?
  • Objective or main intention behind making the project

All the students who attended the workshop will be provided with certificates. The session was a one to one interaction. It helped in taking out the best from the students. In all, the workshop was a successful one. Every innovative project starts with an idea. This workshop was a platform for the III year students to present their hard work and a good start for the students in technical field.