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MCA Courses

Semester I
Course Code Subject
MCA-101 Computer Architecture
MCA-102 Accounting and Financial Management
MCA-103 Database Management System
MCA-104 Programming in C
MCA-105 Discrete Mathematics
MCA-151 Office management Lab
MCA-152 DBMS Lab
MCA-153 Programming in C Lab
MCA-154 Microprocessor Lab
Semester II
Course Code Subject
MCA-201 C++ and Algorithm and Data Structure
MCA-202 Computer Oriented Numerical and Methods
MCA-203 Programming in Java
MCA-204 Operating System
MCA-205 Data Communications and Computer Networks
MCA-251 Data Structure Lab
MCA-252 CONM Lab
MCA-253 Java Lab
MCA-255 Communication & Soft Skill Lab
Semester III
Course Code Subject
MCA-301 Java Technologies
MCA-302 Web Technologies and Development
MCA-303 Computer Graphics
MCA-304 Advanced Database System
MCA-305 System Analysis and Design
MCA-351 Advanced Java Lab
MCA-352 Web Design Lab
MCA-353 Computer Graphics Lab
MCA-354 Advanced DBMS Lab (Oracle/DB2/MySQL)
Semester IV
Course Code Subject
6EC1A Microwave Engineering -II
6EC2A Microprocessors
MCA-401 Software Engineering
MCA-402 .Net Framework and Programming in ASP.Net
MCA-403 Open source Operating System
MCA-404 Artificial Intelligence
MCA-405 E-Commerce
MCA-451 System Design Project
MCA-452 .Net Lab
MCA-453 Linux Lab
MCA-455 Colloquium (Group Discussion)
Semester V
Course Code Subject
MCA-501 Object Oriented Software Engineering
MCA-502 Analysis and Design of Algorithms
MCA-503 Wireless Technologies
MCA-506 Information Protection and Security
MCA-508 ERP Systems
MCA-551 Software Project
MCA-552 ADA Lab
MCA-553 Wireless Tech. Lab
MCA-554 Seminar
Semester VI
Course Code Subject
MCA-601 Industrial Project***