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M.Tech Courses (FULL TIME)

Semester I
Course Code Subject
1MCS1 Advanced Data Structures
1MCS2 Software System Design
Elective - I
1MCS3.1 Modern Compiler Design
1MCS3.2 Critical System Design
1MCS3.3 Mathematical Foundation of Computing
Elective - II
1MCS4.1 High Level System Design And Modeling
1MCS4.2 Information System Security
1MCS4.3 Grid Computing
1MCS5 Software System Lab
Semester II
Course Code Subject
Course Code Subject
2MCS1 Advanced Database Management Systems
2MCS2 Design of Embedded Systems
2MCS3 Distributed Algorithms
Elective - I
2MCS4.1 Advanced Computer Graphics
2MCS4.2 High-Performance Scientific Computing
2MCS4.3 Advanced Real-Time System Design
2MCS5 Advanced Database Lab
Semester III
Course Code Subject
3MCS1 Parallel and Distributed Computing
Elective - I
3MCS2.1 Reconfigurable Computing
3MCS2.2 Artificial Intelligence & Fuzzy Systems
3MCS2.3 Network System Design
3MCS4.1 Seminar
3MCS4.2 Dissertation Part-I
Semester IV
Course Code Subject
4MCS1 Dissertation Part-II